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Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is highly effective in treating a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional conditions. It also improves overall wellbeing. Acupuncture can treat anybody from young infants to older people. It is also very beneficial to women during pregnancy.

Acupuncture is suitable for all types of illness and is commonly used to treat the following conditions:

Addictions Incontinence
Anxiety IVF assistance treatment
Allergies  Joint problems
Arthritis Low blood pressure
Anaemia Migraine
Asthma Menstrual problems
Back Pain Menopause
Bell’s palsy M.E.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome M.S.
Chemo-therapy side effects Nervous disorders 
Circulatory problems Pain
Colitis Psoriasis
Constipation Panic attacks
Cystitis Palpitations
Depression Pregnancy care
Digestive disorders Reynaud’s Disease
Dizziness Respiratory problems
Eczema Rheumatism
Earache Sprains
Eating disorders Sexual problems
Emotional problems Skin problems
Fatigue Stress
Fertility Sports injuries
Frozen shoulder  Sinusitis
Hay fever  Speech problems
Hernias Stroke
Hyperactivity Stiffness
Heart problems Schizophrenia
High blood pressure Tinnitus
Immune disorders Tennis Elbow
Irritable bowel syndrome Urinary/Kidney disorders
Insomnia Vertigo


Anxiety Eating disorders
Asthma Exam stress
Bed-wetting Hyperactivity
Depression Skin problems
Developmental problems Sports Injuries