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Fatigue, Tiredness and ME

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in boosting energy levels and enhancing wellbeing. It can treat people who are generally tired and have noticed a drop in energy levels and it can also treat those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) who have the kind of fatigue that lasts a long time and limits their ability to do everyday activities.

In many cases prolonged systemic stress diminishes immunity and obstructs energy flow resulting in chronic fatigue. The Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for this uses acupuncture and herbal medicine for the purpose of strengthening a weakened immune function, boosting vital energy, nourishing the blood, increasing lymph circulation, promoting proper elimination of toxins and promoting deep relaxation as well as renewing mental function.

Acupuncture can help with tiredness whatever the cause. Many clients who have acupuncture treatment for another condition, comment on how they have seen their energy levels improve since they started their treatments.